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Happy purchase/slightly obsessed

We bought two of the white speckled to replace our plastic ice cube trays. They are great. Love the clean cube shape, so satisfying. They are also so easy to use, the stiff (wired)edge is great and the lid is super handy for keeping out the freezer nasties. They take a little longer to set than conventional ice cubes, but oh so worth the satisfying end result.

Happily replacing our old trays with these

By far the best we've ever had: lovely to look at, easy to carry, compact shape (which can be easily stacked) and, best of all, no more fighting to remove the ice.

You won’t regret buying this!

Lots of things to love about this ice tray.
1. Cute colours!
2. Decent sized ice cubes.
3. A lid so you don’t need to worry about spilling it when filling or things sitting on top of it in the freezer.
4. Sturdy frame is the best! Makes it so easy to refill and sit in the freezer.
5. If you’ve owned a cheap silicone ice cube tray, you’ll know how annoying it is trying to flip out just one ice cube and flipping out five instead (and one or two always land on the floor!). This one has a silicone base but a sturdy frame so you only ever flip out what you need to!
6. Look how pretty it is!

Safe to say I am happy with my purchase :)