How We Source Our Products

When we say conscious curation, we mean it. Every piece at Gingerfinch is selected with intention and alignment to our core values of sustainability, quality, integrity and longevity. 

We do the work so you can discover perfect pieces for your home, knowing that whatever you choose, you're making a good choice for the planet and society.

Here's how we do it....

We Ask: Who Made This?

We love supporting small, independent brands who share our values, so this is the first thing we look for. Where possible, we visit makers and creators in their studio to chat to them about their work and philosophy.

We take the time to learn a brand’s story to find out why they make, as well as what they make, helps us ensure the brands we support are aligned with us, are sustainable and ethical.

Dee Clements from Chicago's Studio Herron hand-weaves beautiful reversible cotton blankets that are works of art.

We Ask: Where Is This Made?

Transparency is a key focus for us and we ensure our products are made fairly and in ethical conditions. Products that are mass-produced in a factory are rarely sustainable. Likewise, goods made in unethical workshops around the world are immediately ruled out.  

If a brand doesn't talk about its manufacturing processes, we err on the side of caution and assume it's not made sustainably and therefore we don't stock their products.

Soko's unique manufacturing model enables artisans from all over Kenya to access the international market and increase their margin share from production.  

We Ask: What Is It Made From?

We primarily source products made from sustainably-sourced materials; such as wood, recycled glass or metal (recycled anything, really), porcelain, organic linen or cotton. But we’ve found that for every ‘sustainable’ material there is often an ‘unsustainable’ component in the manufacturing process. For instance, organic cotton consumes huge amounts of water, and even sustainably sourced wood creates considerable carbon miles.

We try to overcome these tensions by stocking dual-use or products made from recycled materials as much as possible.

Recycled Wool Blanket  Recycled Wool Blanket 

Our Recycled Wool Blankets by Australia's oldest wool mill, Waverley Mills, are a top-seller at Gingerfinch. Wool offcuts and seconds blankets from the factory floor are shredded and woven into these stunning blankets. 

We Ask: What Purpose Does It Serve?

Everything we curate has an intended function and solves a problem. Items must be as effective and efficient as they are beautiful. We eschew trends and unnecessary additions in favour of stylish simplicity and enduring design.

You won’t need or want to replace a Gingerfinch product. It will be passed down to generations rather than ever ending up in landfill.

Tri porcelain dishes

The TRI Porcelain Serving dishes by Holland's De Intuïtiefabriek consists of a tray, bowl and dish, that can also act as a lid to the bowl. Tri's three pieces can be used separately or together, with as many uses as you can think of.

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