Timeless Blankets from Australia's Oldest Wool Mill

Timeless Blankets from Australia's Oldest Wool Mill

We spent almost a year hunting for and testing the very best Australian made blankets. And when we came across Waverley - who only source the highest quality wool from Tasmania's ethical farmers - we knew we'd found our collection.

Established in 1874, Tasmania’s Waverley Mills is Australian’s oldest textile mill. Despite modern technological advances, Waverley’s method of farm to fleece, fibre to fabric, is still very hands-on. You just need to touch a Waverley produced fabric to know it's of the highest quality and skill.

Waverley sources only the highest quality Merino wool from Tasmanian farmers who use sustainable grassland systems. All the wool processing is completed in Australia - mostly in the Tasmanian factory - to minimise the carbon footprint. They buy locally, employ locally and have always, and will always, pay a fair market price for the natural fibres they use. We adore their line of recycled wool blankets: ethically sourced and no-waste, what a combination!

We love this Australian-owned and run business so much that we partnered with Waverley to design and create our very own Gingerfinch 100% Merino wool blanket. Inspired by the Canberra sky on a crisp Autumn morning, this blanket will lift your spirits when the cold weather gets you down. And we can't even tell you how soft it is. You'd have to feel it to believe it. 

Want to know something else super cool about Waverley? When Princess Charlotte was born in May 2015, our Prime Minister sent a gift of an Australian Merino baby blanket to her – made by Waverley! So you’ll feel like royalty as you snuggle up with a Gingerfinch Waverley throw.

Gingerfinch recycled wool blanket, Australian wool blanket

This year, why not treat yourself to an Australian made blanket that will be in your family for generations. 

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