The Gingerfinch Guide to Interiors Shopping in Copenhagen

The Gingerfinch Guide to Interiors Shopping in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is considered the heartland of good design so I had very high expectations when I traveled there in October last year. And I was not disappointed. I walked kilometers and kilometers to visit all the interior design stores I had bookmarked. Though I’m not sure the calories I burned countered the number of Danishes I was consuming (Danishes are unsurprisingly not called Danishes in Denmark, but snegels. Fun Fact for the day). So after wearing through my shoe leather I thought I’d put together a list of the best interiors shops in Copenhagen. If you have any other favourite interior design stores in that great city, please mention them in the comments. Here are mine in no particular order….

1 – Paper Collective

The Paper Collective is a great little store in the city. It’s a bit hidden down a small alley (and down some basement steps) but it’s well worth hunting down. The Paper Collective curates their favorite designers and artists from across the world to create unique limited edition prints and affordable art. And the great thing is, every art print they sell, they donate 10% to a good cause chosen by the artist.

2 – Stilleben

Stilleben is a fabulous homewares brand that stocks a collection of ceramics, textiles, interior and graphic prints, home accessories and handmade jewellery. The store also features a growing collection of its own homewares label. If you’re short on time in Copenhagen, Stilleben is a great one-stop-shop for all your interior decorating needs. You can pick up some really unique gifts or special treats for yourself. Situated around the corner from the giant Illums Bolighus (see below), it’s really easy to find and you’re sure to love it.

3  – Illums Bolighus

Illums Bolighus is a high-end department store for Scandinavian design. You’ll need deep pockets to shop in here but it’s a great showcase of the top Nordic designers – both big names like Georg Jenson and up-and-comers. If you’re in the city, you must stop there for a bit of interiors drooling.  

4 – Ditte Fischer

Ditte Fischer is a true Danish creative. She started her ceramics line in 1995 and has now become one of the most recognised ceramicists in Denmark (no mean feat). Her work is elegant, sculptural, but most importantly, designed for daily use. Her main workshop is marked on the map below, but I also found a small Ditte Fischer shopfront in the city, and her work is stocked in most great homewares stores in Copenhagen.

5 – Designer Zoo

I was a bit dubious about this store as the name does not ring ‘great design’ to me. But boy, was I wrong. Designer Zoo quickly became my favourite find in Copenhagen. It’s a three-story, beautifully presented display of the best ceramics Scandinavia and Europe has to offer. I’m a bit obsessed with ceramics so I was in heaven. I traversed the whole shop twice so I could fully appreciate every unique brand and designer they had on offer. I really hope you can make it there as it’s worth the treck!

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Designer Zoo. Definitely one of my favourite interior shops in Copenhagen. It’s well worth the walk there.

6 – HAY

If you’re into Scandi design, you would of course of heard of HAY. The design giant has a flagship store in the center of the city and it’s well worth a visit. I loved the stationary room the most – who doesn’t love a space filled will speciality HAY designed bits and bobs!

7 – Norman Copenhagen

Well this is a no-brainer. The Norman Copenhagen store is a bit outside the city center, but if you have time, why not wander through the rooms some of the most recognised and celebrated Danish design!

8 – Dora

A Danish friend with eclectic, quirky taste recommended Dora to me, and I’m so glad she did! Dora was a refreshing break from sleek, minimalist scandi design. It certainly had some great nordic specialties, but it also stocked some fun vintage items, kilim rugs and other BoHo treasures. Variety is the spice of life when shopping in Copenhagen!

9 – Dansk Made For Rooms

DANSK IS GORGEOUS. No other words. This homewares brand stocks all the best Scandinavian designs in a minimalist, quiet, rejuvenating space. It’s not a large store but it has stunning items, including great cookware. If you’re heading to the trendy Meatpacking District for lunch or dinner (which you totally should), it’s just down the road.

10 – Art Tiles

I stumbled across Art Tiles when I was wandering around the Istedgade. The tiny shopfront was filled with quirky tiles and art works I just had to stop for a look. Art Tiles is the creative brain-child of artists Trine Galschiøt and Anette Nørmark. The two gorgeous women sketch then hand-print or silkscreen their tiles. They have great style and are incredibly talented. Art Tiles is well worth a visit.

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So that’s the Gingerfinch Top Ten, essential interiors shopping guide to Copenhagen.  Let me know if you have other favourite interior or design stores in Copenhagen as I’d love to check them out when I’m next in that fine city. Pop your ideas in the comments below.

 Love, Peita

* Above image and header image via Cereal Magazine Copenhagen Guide.

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