Take 5 with Ryan L Foote Ceramics

Take 5 with Ryan L Foote Ceramics

I'm obsessed with ceramics. Like, really obsessed. But I'm also extremely picky and am always on the lookout for unique, special pieces.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I stumbled across RL Foote Design Studio (thanks again, Instagram). The deep colours and mind-blowing glaze techniques had me captivated. And I'm so, so proud to stock Ryan's work.

Pink and Green Landscape Vases - Medium and Small

Ryan studied Sculpture and Spatial Practice at university and went on to have a diverse career in installation art, set design, event management, food design, ceramics, graphic design, and gastronomy. He's one clever cookie.

Over the years, he began to focus on developing recipes and food concepts, making his own plates and food moulds to display his creations. His ceramics began to gain as much attention as his food, so he decided to launch his own ceramics studio - R L Foote Design Studio was born. Ryan is now based between Melbourne and Hong Kong, and he handmakes every piece in his collection in his Melbourne studio. 

We love his story (and his ceramics) so much that we sat down with Ryan to get to know him better.

Landscape Latte Cups - perfect for your morning cuppa

How do you like to spend your downtime?

Between my  art, ceramics and chocolates enterprises, I've found less and less downtime! But when I do manage to steal some time, I like to get out for a run or head to one of my favorite cafes in Melbourne or Hong Kong for a coffee - paired with reading the newspaper from start to end. The busier I get the more I enjoy the simple things.

RL Foote ceramics

Ryan in his Melbourne Studio

What’s the favourite part of your home and why?

In my Melbourne warehouse apartment I have a big dining table and open kitchen with floor to ceiling foldback windows. I look out onto a vertical garden of edible greens, vegetables, spices, berries and edible flowers, all growing out of hundreds of ceramic pots I have made.

The green outlook is so relaxing, I love being able to walk over to pick some fresh greens, and grow some more interesting herbs to test in recipes.  

What are 3 things you do to leave the earth in a better state than when you arrived?

I would love to leave the world better than when I arrived, which is a tall order.

So I have tried to change a few things that will at least reduce my impact. For instance, I always think about how to use environmentally friendly materials in my designs.  

If I am creating a ceramic product that could last for thousands of years, I ensure I design something that will be appreciated, well thought out and hopefully handed down and kept for generations to come.


RL Foote Landscape Vases - Medium

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

Stick to being just an artist - you will make more money and have less stress than starting-up and running multiple creative businesses.

What is your superpower?

Along with hard work and determination, I would say my greatest skill is looking at things from a different perspective. Whether it's looking at ceramics from a sculpture perspective, looking at chocolates from a design perspective, or bringing scientific rigor to my art practice, being able to take one skill or knowledge from one discipline and apply it to another has resulted in some exciting crossovers for me.   

latte cups

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