Take 5 With: Natalie Walton, Author

Take 5 With: Natalie Walton, Author

Natalie Walton almost needs no introduction. Her new book This is Home: The Art of Simple Living is THE interiors book of 2018. This is Home embraces the uniqueness of our lives and our homes. Author and stylist Natalie Walton shows us that we don’t need to aspire for magazine-worthy interiors, just ones that reflect our needs, style, and, most importantly, make us happy. Gingerfinch couldn’t agree more. If you haven’t gotten your hands on This is Home, do so now. We promise you’ll love it as much we do!

Tell us a little about yourself:
I started working in the interiors industry more than 10 years ago, and after working as a deputy editor at Real Living magazine, I went freelance to work on a range of styling and interiors projects. About two years ago I launched Imprint House, an online homewares business. Since then we have had a series of events to bring it to life, so people can touch and feel the products, and we can create community-focussed gatherings, which are a lot of fun. Recently we held one in Sydney to coincide with the launch of my book This is Home: The Art of Simple Living, and now we are preparing for Harvest Festival Markets on our property in the Yarramalong Valley for the June long weekend.
1 - How do you like to spend your downtime?
During the week I focus on work, but once Friday afternoon rolls around, I close my computer and don’t open it again until Monday morning. Weekends are for family time, and we enjoy many activities on the 26 acres that we are lucky enough to call home. What we do all depends on the seasons. At the moment, we are busy working in the garden as the weather is ideal, and it’s quite meditative. The children also enjoy collecting kindling, and climbing trees.
2 - What’s the favourite part of your home and why
I love my bedroom because it has a beautiful view of the Yarramalong Valley. We took down the curtains when we moved in as we don’t need to worry about privacy, and we want to make the most of the outlook that we can enjoy from the comfort of bed.
This is Home Natalie Walton
3 - What are 3 things you do to leave the earth in a better state than when you arrived?
Living on a property, we are acutely aware of our relationship with the land. We are on rainwater tanks, and so we are all too aware of being water-wise. We also try our best to minimise the use of plastics in the home. Food scraps go to the chickens, and the rest goes into a compost bucket. Even though we are a family of six, we produce very little rubbish. However, our recycling bin is constantly full, and I would love to find ways to even minimise this.
4 - Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 18-year-old self?
The biggest lesson is sometimes the hardest - to be yourself. This is one of the core ideas in my book This is Home. It affects all areas of our lives - from how we dress, to the spaces we create, to the lives we live. It is so easy to get distracted on other ideas of living, yet the most rewarding path is when we focus on our own journey.
This is Home: The Art of Simple Living
5 - What is your superpower?
I am a fast worker. It is something that I learnt while working as a news reporter. I had to write about 10 news stories a day, and didn’t have time to pontificate. Instead, I had to focus on what was the most important story to get across. This is an idea that carries across to other areas of life - focus on the most important task first.
This is Home: The Art of Simple Living
All images by Chris Warnes for This is Home: The Art of Simple Living.

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