Take 5 With: Georgie from Curio Practice

Take 5 With: Georgie from Curio Practice

If ever we needed a special, comforting treasure that can passed down generations, it's now. And the woman to deliver it is Georgie Brunmayr, founder of Curio Practice.

Georgie, a textile designer with years of knitting-factory experience, struck out in 2020 to launch a line of INCREDIBLE Australian Merino, heirloom-quality blankets. After years living overseas, Georgie wanted to showcase the skills and fibers found right here in Australia. Her exquisite blankets are knitted in Melbourne from 100% Australian Merino yarn - creating keepsakes to both admire and use for years to come.

We are such huge fans of Curio Practice (and are thrilled to be the brand's first stockist) that we wanted to find out about the creative spirit behind this special product. 

Curio Practice

Curio Practice Merino Blankets

Hey Georgie, your blankets are so labour-intensive, how do you like to spend your downtime?

I love spending time with my little family: my partner Jake and my black labrador, Lovec. We have recently started watching all the Starwars together. We have a huge vegetable garden and planning ways to eat all the produce we get from it is a fun pass time. We also have a wine label, Trutta - so we spend a lot of time at the vineyards making sure all the grapes are happy and healthy.

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Jake and Lovec at the vineyard

What’s the favourite part of your home and why?

We have an old red brick cottage on the property that we are trying to renovate. It’s riddled with problems but I have faith that it will be my favorite place.

I also love the knitting factory or factories in general. When I was little I would spend time with my dad fixing vintage cars, so the smell of oil and the constant hum of an engine is really comforting to me. I love the idea of people loving what they do; you would have no idea if you never entered the shed/factory, it's like another world.

Curio Practice blankets  Curio Practice

Georgie at the Knitting Factory and at the Vineyard

What are 3 things you do to leave the earth in a better state than when you arrived?

This is a big question and I believe it should feel heavy. The area I work and make in - textiles - can be a terrible industry.

The rapid speed at which people design and sell at has to change, making things that last should be the norm.

I repair instead of replace. I made a promise that I would only buy second hand clothing a few years ago and it's become something I love. Hunting online for something that matches my personality instead of a trend, it's a real thrill. And stores like The Source ,where you can take glass jars and fill them up with household cleaning products, are great (plus it helps you keep an eye on where the ingredients are from).

Curio Practice

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

Believe it or not, everything really does happen for a reason. And remember to tell your family you love them everyday.

What is your superpower?

Everyone has their skill set - allowing people to do what they are good at is lot better than me trying to do it all. For me, I work better having lots of different projects all simmering away. Really pushing my creativity makes me feel calm and focused. I used to think that was the wrong way to work but recently I have celebrated it.

Something that making textiles will teach you is that things are always changing; the technology, the fibers, the direction. There is nothing certain about it, it teaches you to be adaptable.

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Header photo by Amelia Stanwix for The Design Files, Image 1 by Stephanie Stamatis, Image 2 provided by Georgie Brunmayr, Image 3 by Annika Kafcaloudis , Image 4 provided by Georgie Brunmayr, Image 5 by Jeff Copolov, Image 6 by Hattie Molloy