Rugs to Transform your Home

Rugs to Transform your Home

We are so excited to introduce this exciting and unique rug collection to Gingerfinch! Sourced by Gingerfinch Founder Peita Davis from carpet souqs in Northern Pakistan, this collection features carpets from Morocco to Iran to Afghanistan. 

These rugs offer something really special - whether it's a unique and vibrant colour palette or an unusual manufacturing technique. The result is a rug collection unlike anything else found in Australia. Each piece is a one-off... once it's gone it's gone.

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A beautiful floor rug is a worthwhile investment. It makes a room feel considered and cozy, and it works as great zoning device to define spaces in your home. Rugs can also be a fabulous way to introduce or emphasise your interior colour palette - picking up tones to add warmth or to break up wall-to-wall carpet.  

We are also pretty obsessed with the rich history of each carpet, so if you want to learn more about the collection, keep reading!


Kilim - a flat tapestry-woven rug 

Carpet - risen pile that consists of twisted tufts that are typically heat-treated to maintain their structure

Maimana Kilim

The Maimana kilims are known for their unique diamond patterns and geometric designs. They are handwoven in Northern Afghanistan from wool, using a strong, double-interlock technique. The result is a vibrant yet sturdy carpet that can tolerate anything a modern household can throw at it. 


Afshar Kilim

Made in Iran, Afshar Kilims are intricate and delicate. They feature layers of borders and diverse patterns in a durable yet soft-to-the-touch double-interlock weave. 

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Balouch rugs originate from the desert areas of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The rugs feature bands of complex interlocking motifs and narrow borders. They are a finer, more light-weight rug than a Maimana, and often feature a tufted fringe. We adore the intricate patterns in a Balouch. The craftsmanship must be seen to be believed. 



Boucherite (pronounced boo-shay-reet) is a colourful, rag-style rug unique to Morocco’s Atlas Mountain region. Traditionally made by Berber tribe women from wool, today's Boucherites feature recycled fabrics that are woven, stitched and embroidered together. Boucherites have a uniquely handmade feel. The loops of yarn and fiber strips coalesce in a shag-like effect that is colourfully abstract and inherently durable.



Fethiye kilims are recognisable by their banded stripes with few filler motifs. Made by Anatolian nomads, these kilims have beauty their simplicity. Fethiye kilims, which have a fine-weave and are light-weight and flexible, were used saddlebags and storage sacks as well as floor coverings.  

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