Stay Cosy with Our Top Winter Homewares

Stay Cosy with Our Top Winter Homewares

As winter rolls in, so do the crisp days and chilly nights. Here at Gingerfinch HQ, we like to stay cosy with thoughtfully designed pieces, heartwarming homewares and household additions that elevate every room. Check out our top homewares picks this season that are perfect for weathering the winter chill. 

Comfort Cup

Handmade clay cup, wheat heat pack AND loose leaf tea. Need we say more? The comfort cup and Love Tea gift pack will warm your hands and your heart. 

Comfort Cup Gingerfinch

A Year of Simple Family Food Cookbook

If there’s one way to keep warm from the inside out, it’s through your belly. This cookbook provides recipes to eat simply and seasonally - it is generous, unfussy and demonstrates love and care through food.

A Year of Simple Family Food


Need we say more? Nothing says winter like a snug blanket or throw rug. The 100% Australian Merino Wool blankets from Curio Practice are a must have, and we can’t go past the Recycled Denim Throws by By Molle. 

Merino Wool Blankets  Recycled Denim Blankets

Brass and Copper Salt and Pepper Grinders

The elegant Salt and Pepper Mills by Greece's Alexander Mills are the all-time classic grinders you need in your homewares collection. They add both a pop of colour and a pop of flavour to every kitchen. 

Copper and Brass Pepper Mills

Brim Teapot

You can’t go wrong with a gorgeous minimalist teapot, especially when it looks like this. Featuring a contemporary porcelain design in a divine creamy colour, the Brim Teapot by Kinto is great for brewing loose leaf tea. 

Brim Pot   Brim Pot

Brass Coffee Stand

This stunning stand marries our love of all things brass and all things coffee. The Kinto Brass Brewer Stand Set not only makes the perfect cup of slow drip coffee, but is so beautiful you'll want to keep it on display.

Brass Coffee Pot

Hidden Layers Mug

These divine little cups are extra special thanks to their unique carved windows that offer a peek into the hidden coloured layers. Think a cross between a teacup and a mug, these cute little cups fit perfectly in your hands with a warm brew. 

Hidden Layers Mug

Stagg Kettle

For the tech-savvy and the time savers, this epic kettle is for you. The Stagg EKG is the much-awaited electric version of the stunning Stagg pour-over kettle. It has all the great features of the stovetop version - the precision pour spout and counterbalanced handle - plus some incredible extras like temperature control. 

Stagg Electric Kettle

Still Life Candles

Cute, bright and sure to delight. The Still Life Candle Collection will give you an extra styling flair with their sculptural shapes, but their also just a lovely warm addition to bring into your home. 

Still Life Styling Candles  Still Life Styling Candles

Want more? We totally feel you. Take a look through our full winter homewares collection right here

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