New Danish Design that Packs a Punch

New Danish Design that Packs a Punch

Our favourite Danish brand is finally back, with some brand new pieces in tow!

Hübsch is not your usual Scandi style - it’s punchy, unconventional and bold. The stunning pieces in the Hübsch collection embrace colour, texture and materiality like no other Scandinavian brand.

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For Your Living Room

Plinth Bookend  Hourglass Fluted Glass

Plinth Bookend   |   Hourglass Fluted Vase

Hanging Mirror  Bookends

 Plant It Mirror Amber Glass Bookend

For Your Kitchen

Chopping boards  Storage Jars

Oak Chopping Board Set  |  Glass Storage Jars

Sun Water Jug  Sun Water Glasses

Sun Water Jugs  |  Sun Water Glasses

For Your Bedroom

  Wall Hook Set Pink Glass Vase  

Wall Hook Set Pink Glass Vase

Hubsch Cushions  Pop Bud Vases

Lala Cushion  |  Pop Bud Vases

Hubsch homewares

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