Meet Up-and-Coming Designer LLH

Meet Up-and-Coming Designer LLH

We're THRILLED to introduce the work of Lauren Lea Haynes to Gingerfinch. This up-and-coming designer exploded onto the design scene in 2021, having graduated from world-unknown RMIT in Melbourne. Her multi-disciplinary work explores the playful side of design, yet every piece has a clear function and utility.

Inspired by a love of curvilinear lines and powerful colour stories, Lauren aims to evoke a sensory and joyful response to her work. She is passionate about supporting local manufacturing and every piece is made in Australia. 

 Foli Side Tables 

Lauren Lea Haynes

We first fell in love with Lauren's work when we stumbled across the curvaceous Foli Side Tables. We adored the undulating form and the practicality of these versatile little tables. They make fantastic bedside tables, as well as spots for drinks and books in your living room, bathroom or anywhere else you need a pop of colour! 

Speaking of colour, Lauren's Bushscape colour palette is to die for. The pink especially caught our eye - the dusty shade is sophisticated and unique, it's a bespoke colour for Lauren's range. 

Lauren Lea Haynes  Lauren Lea Haynes

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Limestone Range

Lauren Lea Haynes

LLh's Limestone range is truly a revelation. We think it's THE design sensation for 2022! Each sculpture is made Lauren by hand and every piece carries its own unique signature.

These works will bring a soft, sculptural element to your home - how incredible would Lime One No. 6 look in your entryway! And we have to admit, the Lotti side table will be coming home with us. We can't go past those cute Tulip-inspired shapes!

 Lauren Lea Haynes  Lauren Lea Haynes

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Take 5 With Lauren Lea Haynes!

How do you like to spend your downtime?

I like to spend time at home, cleaning, gardening, designing, researching, listening to records, and cooking. Roast chicken is on the menu every week and walking the dogs around the neighbourhood is a daily routine. My real down-time would be watching a good show or documentary, after a big day/week. 

On Friday nights, I play netball in a competitive league, which is one of my social highlights of the week. On Saturdays or Sundays, my partner (also my new business partner) and I drive out to Fin Wines Winery in the Yarra Valley, where we are making our very first vintage called ‘El’more Wines’ which is coming soon. You can follow us here if you like wine! - (@el.morewines)

Lauren Lea Haynes  Lauren Lea Haynes

What’s the favourite part of your home and why

Since the weather is getting colder, we spend more time in our living room. In the evenings, I usually sit on the vintage Moroccan rug I recently purchased; it's a lovely pink, orange, and brown piece from the 1960s that really adds warmth to the room both in colour and temperature. Of course, there are some Foli Side Tables floating around, complementing the mood, and a Pea Chair, mostly for my puppy to curl upon as she has claimed it at hers. 

Second to this would be the garden. My partner and I worked on it every weekend in the lock-downs, which involved landscaping and planting natives to create a diverse and locally inspired garden that we can't wait to enjoy again in spring.

Lauren Lea Haynes

What are 3 things you do to leave the earth in a better state than when you arrived?

Whenever my business is doing well, I give to organizations that I believe in. On a more tangible level, all of the Lime One sculptures were originally designed to use the excess limestone from the last piece I made, so there is very little limestone waste.

When I design anything, I consider its end-of-life and overall impact, from what it's made with, to how it will be made and finished. I plan to continue operating my business as made-to-order with very small batch production as a conscious contribution to the industry.

What is your superpower?

I recently discovered through my RMIT Associate Degree and NEIS coursework that I am great at understanding a brief, committing to the work, and completing it with great care and thought.

I was very proud of the work I did last year, simultaneously completing NEIS and a degree while starting my own business - my drive made it (almost) easy. I enjoy hard work, and even when it was stressful, it felt meaningful because I was doing it for myself and what I believe in.

Lauren Lea Haynes

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