Check out 10 Fabulous New Things at Gingerfinch

Check out 10 Fabulous New Things at Gingerfinch

We’ve had a stunning collection of new, consciously curated pieces land at Gingerfinch recently. Made by makers near and far, these designs are all unique in their own way, and made to bring beauty into every corner of the home. Scroll down to see all-new, unmissable pieces that have just landed at Gingerfinch!

1 - Pott Lighting

The newest lighting to drop has us obsessed. Handmade in Southern Spain with earthenware clay, these beautiful lights come in three different designs, including the cutest Okina Mushroom table lamp and the cordless Nais Lamp


2 - Zuza Jugs 

Our new favourite ceramics discovery... the incredible Zuza Water Jug by Yuro Cuchor. The 1970s inspired, asymmetrical shape pours beautifully and brightens every space.

3 - Fog Linen Work

Trust us when we say you’ll love everything brass from Fog Linen. From the classic Tea Caddy and Cocktail Spoon, to the newest drop of stunning cake stands, these gorgeous pieces are not to be missed. 


fog linen

4 - Falcon Enamelware

Falcon has been an icon of British home-life for decades, and is the OG enamelware. You can use it indoors or out, and keep it to be handed down for generations to come. 

Falcon enamelware 

5 - Candela Candleholders

Made from earthenware clay, and totally adorable. The Candela Candle Holder is a geometric candleholder that morphs seamlessly from a tea light holder into a taper holder. It even looks cute empty! 


6 - Curio Practice

100% Australian Merino Wool blankets. Need we say more?! Knitted by hand in the coolest checkerboard pattern, these beauties are heirloom-quality pieces that will last you through every season, every milestone, and every home you live in. 

Curio Practice  curio practice Curio Practice

7 - By Molle Linen Throws

Linen will always have a special place in our hearts, and the By Molle Linen Throw Blankets are no exception. Use it as a light throw over your couch, as a summer blanket, a bed cover, or even a tablecloth.


8 - Picnic Candles

Shaped like avocados, apples, lemons and pears, these candles are fun to style, and heavenly to smell. 



9 - LastObject

LastObject is BACK with two new waste-saving items! Introducing, LastRound and LastTissue. The reusable tissues and cotton rounds are already flying off the shelves so get in quick before they’re gone.


10 - Chunky Pillar Candles & Brass Candle Holders

Everyone’s favourite Black Blaze candles are back with a brand new style. The colourful Chunky Pillar Candles pair perfectly with the shimmering Brass Candle Holder. 

Black Blaze