How to Make Your Home as Unique as You Are

How to Make Your Home as Unique as You Are

It's hard not to be influenced by the immaculate, on-trend interiors that we see in interiors mags. We look around our homes, see our hand-me-down sideboard, our scuffed leather couch and our strange collection of knick-knacks from our travels, and think "this looks terrible!". But I'm here to say that, if styled correctly, your eclectic collection will make your home look unique, edgy and spectacular. 

Add Some Peculiarity

Sometimes it's the ordinary household item placed in an unlikely place that will change your home from dull to fabulous. Do you have a battered set of kitchen canisters that your Grandmother gave you? How about some old suitcases that you found in an Op-Shop on a beach holiday. Just make sure you decorate around the odd, out-of-place items and they will create a real point of interest in your home.

Look to Nature

Hunting for shells on the beach, or (if you're Gingerfinch) beautifully coloured and textured rocks, feathers and branches, evoke a sense of childhood joy. And guess what, they look incredible when you style them in your home! I actually have a rock collection with finds from Greece, Pakistan, Australia and places I've long forgotten. I style them in a huge chrome bowl on my floor and they look amazing - and they bring back so many memories.  

And of course, beautiful indoor plants add texture, colour and life (I mean that literally and metaphysically - plants make you happy!).

Mix Old With New

Your old leather sofa may have seen better days, but that lived-in, relaxed look is perfect when you match it with contemporary cushions and throws. You can always give it a new lease of life with some high-quality leather conditioner or new the feet.

Likewise, that old timber dining table. Whether it's a country-style pine one with burn marks and scratches, or a mahogany antique passed down through the generations, apply some elbow grease and love and it will take care of you for years. Just make sure you style it with contrasting items. Match the pine table with sleek Scandi-style chairs, and the mahogany with black or white minimalist moulded chairs.