How to Create a Vignette Like a Pro

How to Create a Vignette Like a Pro

What’s the difference between a cluttered, confusing house and a cohesive, welcoming one? It’s all in the styling. No matter how great your ‘stuff’ is, it won’t look its best if you don’t know how to arrange it properly. You do need to have a bit of an eye for detail, but there certainly are some style secrets that I can share that will help you create the perfect vignette in your home. Take a look below….

Do A Stocktake

You’ve had many fruitful journeys in the real and virtual worlds, so gather all your special finds and do a stocktake. Find the pieces with the most meaning, the fondest memories and the best style and put them to one side. You may find that the remaining items were purchased on a whim and you’re not that connected to them. If so, use this opportunity to declutter and let those pieces find another home. Now you have the best of your worldly travels, we can start styling.

Gingerfinch create a vignette

This gorgeous minimalist styling from Vogue Living just wouldn’t work if even one more piece was added. Less is more.

‘Click-Worthy’ Vignettes 

This is the stylist’s trick that will completely transform your home – and it’s super fun. With the special items you’ve curated, decide where you want to display them. Think bedside tables, buffets, bookshelves, the entrance table and coffee table. Treat each group of trinkets, books, flowers and treasures as a moment in time. Your vignettes should have their own cohesion, just like you are composing a photograph.

Gingerfinch Vignettes

Here is vignette perfection from Styling Queen Michelle Halford from The Design Chaser. Check out her blog and Instagram page for more inspiration.

Gingerfinch vignette

If you want some ‘maximalist’ vignette inspiration, check out the fabulous blog, The Jungalow, where stylist Justine Blakeney pushes vignette creation to its bohemian limits.

This is How We Do It…

To start, choose one item that you really love – a piece of art, a ceramic vase or a huge feather in a bottle – and let it dominate your vignette. Then gather 3-5 other items to support your centerpiece (remembering that the eye prefers odd numbers). Use either visual consistency, mixing like with like, or contrast, such as black with white, retro with country, bright with neutral and old with new. This will create a point of difference and tension that looks fabulous.

Remember, height is very important because it creates interest and a pathway for your eye to travel. I often use willow branches in a large vase to give me height, texture and movement (but only use this technique in one place, you don’t want to feel like you live in a wintery forest).

Creating a great vignette takes practice. Change your displays regularly and give other treasures their time in the sun. You can even alter the look and feel of your home depending on the season. For instance, in Spring, swap the willow branches for cut flowers and play with seasonal colour combinations. Re-styling your vignettes is a great way to while away rainy afternoons.

Gingerfinch vignette 

Vignettes can be practical too – how great does this simple bookshelf look with a bit of creative stacking and grouping. Image via Design*Sponge

Your Turn

So that should get you started! You’ve now become ‘vignette aware’ and will likely see them everywhere in magazines, interiors stores and in your stylish friends’ homes. And a great way to get vignette inspiration is through the Creatively Squared's weekly vignette Instagram Challenge

So get styling! And don’t forget to post your vignettes on our Facebook page and tag us on Instagram (@gingerfinchhome).