Layer Up: How to Create a Cosy Home

Layer Up: How to Create a Cosy Home

Winter is here and the 'nesting' urge has really started to kick in. And for me, that means changing up my styling and introducing a few touches to make my home truly warm and inviting.

Cosiness and warmth are not hard to achieve, so I thought I would share a few tips on how to make your home winter-ready.

1. Go overboard with soft textiles

This suggestion seems obvious, but it can have a profound impact on the cosiness of your home. Make sure you have a throw blanket (or two) and lots of lovely cushions on your couch. You can also layer a plush rug over a heavy-duty kilim or carpet. This will add interest and feels great underfoot. Bring out the floor pillows and soft ottomans, and soften dining chairs and benches with blankets or small cushions. 


NEW! These incredible reversible throw blankets are handwoven by Studio Herron in Chicago. Using a jacquard weave, the cotton blankets are thick, warm, super soft - and absolutely stunning!

2. Use warm colours

Did you know that every colour has a 'mood'. Cooler colours make a space feel larger and airier. Warm colours do the opposite - they make a space feel smaller and cosier. Every colour, even whites and blacks, can have cool or warm undertones. So if you fancy a big home-job this winter, why not paint your walls in a lovely warm tone.

cosy home lean tims cosy home lean tims

Images by Lean Timms

3. Soften straight and harsh lines

Lots of straight, heavy lines can look harsh and make your space uninviting. A easy way to soften the space is to incorporate round rugs, pillows, or toss a soft throw blanket over a corner to break up a straight line.

4. Lighting, lighting, lighting

One of the most important factors in making a room cosy is light. Sometimes I find myself drooling over a beautiful image in a magazine, only to realise that I'm not interested in the stuff in the room, I actually like the light.

In a living room in particular, make sure you have multiple light sources - brighter ones for larger gatherings, smaller ones for more intimate gatherings or a night in. Table lamps bring lighting down to a human level and give big rooms a sense of scale. Swap cool light bulb for warm ones. Tiny investment, minimal work, nearly instant cosification.

Pablo Veiga

Image by Pablo Veiga 

5. Have some good smells floating in the air

Or at the very least don't have any bad smells. Burn good quality fragrant candles, bake bread, and make sure you keep your home squeaky clean and clutter free (dust buildup smells, did you know that??). 

Double walled reusable glass candles

Double-walled glass candles by Yield Design Co can be used a latte glass when you've finished with the beautiful scented soy candle.

6. Live with the things you love

But they best thing that makes a home feel cosy, is your personal touches. The old chopping board from my grandmother's house. The antique camel saddle from our time in Pakistan. The art given to me by Mr Finch as a wedding gift. All these things make my house feel like home because they remind me of the people and things I love.

When I'm at home, I feel it's a place where I truly belong. And that's the whole point of cosiness - rooms are made for people.