How to Care for Indoor Plants in Winter

How to Care for Indoor Plants in Winter

I adore gardening but when the thermometer drops to single digits you'll be hard-pressed to get me outside. Thankfully my indoor plant collection keeps me occupied, but indoor gardening can be quite tricky in Winter. 

Over the years I have learned a few tricks to keep my indoor plants flourishing in the cooler months and I wanted to share them with you.

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1 - Don't Overwater

In Winter, plants absorb much less water than during the warmer, growth months, so you need to cut back on your watering. Use a moisture meter like these great ones from Sustee to ensure you're only watering when your plants need it.


Sustee Soil Moisture Meters tell you exactly when your plants need to be watered. They are the best way to ensure the appropriate moisture level for your indoor plants in Winter.

Heating systems often dry out the air in your home. Put on a humidifier as often as you can - it's better for your skin, and your plants with love it!

2 - Get the Light Right

Winter brings light changes to your home and so the perfect spot for your succulent or Peace Lilly might become devoid - or full - of light in winter. Move your plants to ensure they are receiving the amount of light they love. Wipe their leaves weekly to help them absorb as much light as possible. 

But don't put your indoor plants directly in front of windows. The cold air from the glass is hard to regulate and will make your plants wilt. 


3 - Give them a Tidy Up and A New Home

Winter is the best time to prune and re-pot your indoor plants. Snip away any yellowing or browning leaves, cut back vines that have few leaves, and reshape the lush foliage. A good prune in Winter means your plant will produce even more growth when the season changes. 

You should re-pot your indoor plants every year or so (excluding succulents, they are happiest when left alone) and Winter dormancy is the best time to do it. Make sure you use a high-quality potting mix with well-drained soil. Give them a dose of Mushash Organics Soil Food every 6 months and watch them flourish!

Evergreen Collective pot plants  Evergreen collective pots

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 4 - Watch for Bugs

Winter indoor conditions are perfect for bugs - much to the annoyance of every indoor gardener! The damp soil (because plants aren't drinking as much), and reduced airflow and light can lead to an infestation of pests such as fungus gnats, scale, spider mites and others. 

I keep a supply of organic neem oil on hand during Winter regularly douse my indoor plants to get rid of bugs. If you need to learn more about non-invasive ways to irradicate indoor plant pests, check out Jason Chongue's Plant Society. This great book has an excellent guide to identifying pests and methods to get rid of them. 

Plant Society  Plant Society

Jason Chongue's books 'Plant Society' and newly-released 'Green' will take your indoor gardening skills to the next level

Plants are an essential item for a cosy, welcoming home and Winter is not a time to neglect them! Hopefully these tips will keep your indoor garden flourishing throughout the colder months.