Cute styling candles to light up every space

Cute styling candles to light up every space

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram lately, you’ve undoubtedly seen candles of all shapes and forms all over your feed. From heavenly scents to geometric shapes, we’ve rounded up the best styling candles to light up every space in your home. 

Picnic Candle Collection 

So.Ah Picnic Candles

Introducing the Pincic Candle Collection, the funkiest candles we ever did see. Handmade by So-Ah in New Zealand, these unique beauties in Avocado, Pear, Apple and Lemon shapes are fun to style and heavenly to smell. Don’t put them too close to the fruit bowl though, they blend right in! 

Picnic Candles  Picnic candles

Still Life 

If there is one thing we've seen from 2021 so far, it's that geometric shapes and voluptuous silhouettes are IN. If you haven't yet forayed into the world of form and function, the new Still Life Candles (also by So-Ah) are a great place to start. Each candle engages a unique sculptural structure, and is the perfect way to bring shape into the home. 

Still Life Candle  Still Life candles

Column Pillar 

Black Blaze Pillar Candle

The undisputed diamonds of the candle season are easily the BlackBlaze Column Pillar Candles. Simple and sophisticated, these candles are a stylist’s dream and come in a beautiful selection of colours. They are inspired by Roman architecture, and now come in a chunky design. We love pairing these with the Fountain Brass Candle Holder, or standing them on a Wave Brass Candle Tray. Have a single candle as a statement piece, or group your favorite colours together!

Black Blaze Pillar Candle  Black Blaze Pillar Candle

Southern Wild

Explore scent in the home with heavenly Southern Wild candles. These candles take on a more traditional design, infused with stunning scents to arouse emotion and trigger memories of home in us all. Not only do they smell incredible but the packaging and extra touches make them a very special gift. They even come in their own calico drawstring bag! 

Southern Wild Candles  Southern Wild Candles

Bubble Cube 

Bubble Cube Candles

Vibrant and fun, the 80’s inspired Bubble Cube adds a quirky touch to any space. We love using these as a cute paperweight alternative or to revamp a living room coffee table. Bubble Cube candles are designed to be decorative, but if you do decide to light them, the melting wax will create new and exciting shapes.

  Bubble Cube Candles


We love these candles for the clever way they evoke a traditional feeling through a modern and funky design. The Tallow unites the candle and the candlestick by melding them into an inseparable union. This beautiful candle will burn for eight hours long if you feel like lighting it up, or it can take a place of honour on your mantelpiece, bedside table or sideboard. 

Tallow Candle  Tallow Candle

Brass Lidded Candles 

Meeraboo Brass lidded candle

These may be reminiscent of classic glass-vessel candles, but the Brass Lidded Candles offer so much more.  With scents like vanilla almond, mint mojito and calming lavender, you’ll be taken on a journey of sweetness and spice, earth and air. Handcrafted in the heart of Central West NSW, Meeraboo Brass Lidded candles are multi-use and made with 100% natural soy wax. They are housed in a reusable glass jar topped with a brushed brass lid that is designed to be used as a base for the lit candle to keep furniture cool.

Meeraboo Brass Lidded Candle