Colour Story: Exhibition and Market

Colour Story: Exhibition and Market

Gingerfinch is hosting a multi-day celebration of the positive impact colour has on our lives. The exhibition, named Colour Story, will showcase seven artists and craftspeople from around Australia at the Gingerfinch Studio in Canberra in May 2022.

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Our personal stories are informed by colour - a myriad of shades influence the way we feel and how we move through the world. From natural earthy tones to vibrant iridescent hues, colour transports us to different times and evokes memories long passed. By sharing works of artists who revel in colour, Colour Story invites the viewer to reflect on and delight in their own experiences with colour. Meet the Artists below!

Denise Hojdyssek

Gingerfinch colour story

“The colours I choose are an emotional response to how I feel at the time, impacting on the painting I create.” 

Meet Denise Hojdssek, an incredible painter who takes inspiration from travel, the Australian landscape and a love for mid century interior design. Her paintings are a product of a labour-intensive process of building up painted surfaces with abstract shapes and transparent washes. These are then meticulously sanded down until the final texture and image achieved is what you see here!


Gingerfinch Colour story

“When I look at the world I see everything as made up of particles of colour; particles that vibrate and communicate with each other; colour that spills, infiltrates, reflects, bleeds and permeates the life world. It’s an endless source of delight and inspiration.” 

Meet Sonia van de Haar, the artist and colour designer behind creative studio Lymesmith. Lymesmith’s work encompasses studio painting, mural painting, public art and architectural colour design. For Sonia, painting in the studio provides a way to process and think about colour in her architectural projects, to test and reflect on ideas in an unrestricted way, and of course, create stunning artworks. 

Sarah Annand

Gingerfinch colour story

“My colour combinations happen in the moment. Colour to me is the addition to my work that connects me to the time and place of its creation.”

Meet Sarah Annand, artist and founder of OAT Studio. Her designs are influenced by architecture and our built environment. In her fabric designs, she dissects the shapes of building facades and creates new architectural compositions with the fractured images, all in a thoughtful colour palette. 

Tiarna Herczeg

Gingerfinch colour story

“In my practice I use colour as a tool to communicate my connection to Country. Colour helps me carry feelings into the work.” 

Meet Tiarna Herczeg, a kuku-yalanji artist practising on Gadigal lands. Her approach to painting is derived from a sense of urgency regarding her spiritual and cultural identity. Living off-Country, Tiarna is guided to use the emotional and creative energy within her, which often provokes questionable memories of colourful landscapes. 

Madeline Cardone

Gingerfinch colour story

“I’m inspired by the way the changing qualities of light and shadow generate subtle variations in the shade, tone and tint of colour in the environments that surround us day to day.” 

Meet Madeline Cardone, a glass and ceramic artist who creates work that has a minimal, reductive aesthetic that is developed through a sensitivity towards surfaces and refined form. She uses glazed and unglazed surfaces to explore the qualities of light, shadow and subtle colour variations. 

Clyde Arnott

Gingerfinch colour story

“Colour is joy and sadness and everything in between. Colour is the taste of blueberries or the smell of red liquorice. Colour is loud and upfront. It makes up the extremes of our day-to-day lives. But, for me, it is not always the extremes that I find comfort in.” 

Meet Clyde Arnott, a ceramicist using unconventional carving techniques, inspired by the Brutalist architecture and abundance of concrete that contribute to Canberra’s unique scenery. The ceramics are made from clay with locally sourced river water from both the Uriarra and Gibraltar Falls - a gesture that forever connects his works to the land upon which they were made.

Louis Grant

Gingerfinch colour story

“Colour is never static. One and the same colour evokes a range of readings, evokes memories and digs up the deepest emotions.” 

Meet Louis Grant, a glass artist who explores sentiments of love, loss, shame and celebration through the medium of glass. Louis delves into concepts of being queer and steeps the glass in thick, iridescent hues to respond to and refract the surrounding light. 


You can view the Exhibition at the Gingerfinch studio, 5 Geelong Street, Fyshwick ACT (by appointment only). Or shop online via the digital catalogue

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