Gifts for Life, Not Just for Christmas

Gifts for Life, Not Just for Christmas

We get it, buying gifts is hard. You want to find something that they'll love, that shows them that you care, something they don't already have, and that doesn't break the bank. Impossible, right? Wrong.

We've put together this extensive gift guide that will solve your Christmas gift woes for good. We've broken it down to interests, rather than just 'gifts for him', 'gifts for her' as we want you to get your loved ones something they will treasure. We believe gifts should be for life, not just for Christmas. And as always, get in touch if you have any questions or you are still stuck for ideas. Gifts are our speciality and we'd love to help you out. 

The Cook  

cotton apron, zero waste design, christmas gift guide 2017

2-Ways Apron - $109

If you appreciate clever, useful and sustainable design, you'll love our 2-Way Apron. When it's not helping you in the kitchen or garden it can be transformed into a strong tote bag for everyday use. 

Neighbourhood Cookbook, salad cookbook, Christmas gift guide 2017

Neighbourhood Cookbook - $35

Neighbourhood is the highly anticipated follow-up to Hetty McKinnon's Community, featuring more delicious plant-based salad recipes, shared desserts and food inspiration from neighbourhoods around the world.

crux mortar and pestle, christmas gift guide 2017

Crux Mortar and Pestle - $135

Made from marble and beechwood, Crux mortar and pestle can be used in different combinations to grind spices, herbs and teas.  The wood bowl is for softer milling, while the marble dish is for hard crushing.

porcelain egg salt shakers, salt shaker, christmas gift guide

El Egg Salt Shaker - $65

El Salt Shaker Eggs are small but perfectly formed. The cork stopper can be used as a sturdy stand, or the porcelain eggs can be displayed elegantly on their side. Fill them with salt and display them on your breakfast table - they'll be quite the talking point.


The Gardener

Plant Society, essential gardening book, christmas gift guide 2017

Plant Society - $29.99

Plant Society is your essential guide to indoor gardening. Plant-cultivator and stylist Jason Chongue explains how to choose the perfect house plants for your space, how to keep them healthy and happy, and how to use them to decorate each room of your home.

Lipa plant trellis, plant trellis, christmas gift guide

Lipa Plant Trellis - $110

Lipa is a must-have for every urban gardener. The minimalistic steel rod plant trellis allows your small indoor and outdoor plants to grow up as well as out.

Grow Food Anywhere, The Little Veggie Patch Co, Christmas gift guide 2017

Grow.Food. Anywhere - $45

Edible urban gardening is the way of the future. Grow. Food. Anywhere. makes it possible for the aspiring, small space, time poor person to grow their own edible paradise.

trowel with bottle opener, christmas gift guide 2017

Hand Trowel with Bottle Opener - $60

Who doesn't love an ice cold beer after a day of gardening. With the Little Veggie Patch Hand Trowel, there's no need to hunt in the drawer for a bottle opener. Designed and made to last in Melbourne, perfect for the Australian lifestyle.  


The Stylist

Lava single stem vase, single stem vase, christmas gift guide 2017

Lipa Single Stem Vase - $99

Lava is a minimalists' dream. The elegant glass vessel contains a carved sphere of pumice stone that holds a single flower, leaf or branch.

concrete bowl, designer bowl, christmas gift guide 2017

Concrete Bowls (S,M,L) - $159-$225

Gravelli concrete bowls are superfine, elegant bowls are handmade in the Czech Republic from an innovative, lightweight yet strong concrete formula.

Tallow candle, designer candle, unique gift, christmas gift guide 2017

Tallow Candle (Assorted Colours) - $69

A candle needs the candlestick, which requires a candle in return. The Tallow unites these two objects by melding them into an inseparable union. 

lariat, Article 22 jewellery, christmas list 2017

Laos Lariat, Article 22 - $179

This elegant Lariat is sister to the best selling Virtuous Full Circle Necklace, finished with a traditional Spike talisman charm. The double length sterling silver diamond-cut wrap-around chain can be twirled twice around the neck as a choker, or wear it long and thread the spike through the hole to secure. 


The 'Has Everything'

linen throw, belgium linen throw, Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Linen Throw (assorted colours)- $220

These versatile throws are made from 100% pre-washed linen. Use it as a light throw over your couch, as a summer blanket, a bed cover, beach wrap or even a tablecloth. 

Richman dustpan and brush, designer dustpan and brush set, christmas gift guide 2017

Richman Dustpan and Brush - $65

The Richman Dustpan is a reinterpretation of the iconic pressed metal workshop dustpan. A wooden brush nests neatly inside the handle of the pan offering a convenient loop for hanging.

scandi melting mugs, scented candles, christmas gift guide 2017

Scandi Melting Mug Scented Candles - $79

R2 Designs' Scandi Melting Mug soy scented candle fills your room with its divine scent. When the candle is finished simply wash out the ceramic vessel and you have a gorgeous mug for your morning coffee or tea. The vessel is handmade in Denmark by Studio Arhoj.

Plamen candlestick, brass candlestick, Christmas gift guide 2017 

Plamen Candlestick - $139

Plamen is a unique twist on the classic, old-school candlestick. The cleverly-designed snuffer works as a cap that extinguishes the flame then rests on the candle, hiding the burnt wick until next use.


The Organised

slim bookend

Slim Bookend - $29 each
The Slim Bookend is a useful tool for organizing books or rearranging papers on your desk. Each bookend sold separately so you can mix and match the colours. 

designer bookmark, christmas gift guide 2017

Pero Dove Bookmark - $24

Pero is a whimsical yet functional 3D printed bookmark in the form of a dove. While the bird perches poetically on top of the book, its long string marks your place. 

yearly planner, christmas gift guide 2017

Year of the Sun Planner - $44.95

A diary with no dates: this beautiful, minimalist weekly planner is made from high quality paper. Start using this gorgeous planner any day of the year and it will be your helpful companion for the full 12 months.

leather shoulder bag, unique bag, christmas gift guide 2017

Paper Tote Bag - $219

This versatile bag is made from 100% leather but looks and feels like paper. Inspired by a traditional shopping bag, its unique design means you can use it as an over-the-shoulder tote for books and heavy items, as a short-handled shopping bag, and a stylish, relaxed shoulder bag for everyday use.


The Outdoorsy

Ubbie stubbie holders, gear for your beer, beer holders, christmas gift guide 2017 

Ubbie Stubbie Holders - $14.95

Ubbie is your new best friend that will keep your cans and bottles cool. Created by graphic designer Clarissa Harris and they are fun and functional. Fits regular sized 330ml beers, and bigger 500ml bottles like Rekorderlig Cider (pictured).

coffee pot, camping coffee pot, christmas gift guide 2017

Cowboy Coffee Kettle - $149

The Cowboy Coffee Kettle is based on traditional open range fire brewing. Bring water to a boil, add ground coffee and let it steep for five minutes. Pour slowly and enjoy. The Cowboy Coffee Kettle is perfect for camping trips, and is a great alternative to the expensive second latte when you're fighting the 2pm drowsies in the office.

Solid State cologne, christmas gift guide 2017

Solid State Cologne - $39

Solid Cologne is a portable, innovative alternative to spray cologne. The revolutionary pocket scent uses a concentrated wax medium and is small enough to carry without compromising on fragrance strength. Take it with you on every adventure. 

deuce pitcher and watering can, christmas gift guide 2017

Deuce Pitcher and Watering Can - $99 

Deuce Pitcher and Watering Can is dual-use design at its very best. Its an elegant water jug that invites you to share your leftover drinking water with your houseplants. It's super light and can be taken with you anywhere. 


The Entertainer

Ice bucket, designer ice bucket, christmas gift guide 2017 

Lidded Ice Bucket - $310

The Tina Frey Lidded Ice Bucket is perfect for indoor or outdoor dining, picnics, parties and the beach. The snuggly fitted lid will help keep in the ice cold and clean, and the quality leather handle provides easy access.

TRI serving set, christmas gift guide 2017 

TRI Serving Set - $169

Tri is designed for functionality, versatility and style. The porcelain set consists of a tray, bowl and dish than can act as a lid to the bowl. Tri's three pieces can be used separately or together.

charcuterie board, tina frey designs, christmas gift guide 2017

Charcuterie Board - $269

The Tina Frey Charcuterie Board is the serving platter that every home entertainer needs. Each cheese board is cast from clay moulds and is hand-sanded for a unique, one-of-a-kind finish. The platters are shatter-proof and are perfect for indoor and outdoor dining.

presentation platter, ontwerpduo australia, christmas gift guide 2017

Presentation Platter - $259

This versatile handblown glass dish is covered by a lid made of European maple (light wood) or walnut (dark wood) that can be used as an elegant serving platter. The dish is perfect for indoor or outdoor entertaining, as you can keep your food clean and airtight while displaying the most delicious morsels for your guests. Available in two sizes in four gorgeous colours: ochre, pink, whiskey and clear. 


The Environmentalist

sustainable bees wax wraps, beeswax wraps, ethical, christmas gift guide 2017 

Sustainable Beeswax Food Wraps - $35

Food wraps by Apiary Made are a gorgeous, natural, healthy and sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. Made with certified organic cotton, pure beeswax and organic jojoba butter, they are perfect for wrapping cheese, bread, herbs, sandwiches, salads or to keep your fruit and veggies fresh.

Article 22 jewellery, recycled bomb jewellery, christmas gift guide 2017

Love is the Bomb Necklace - $109

Love is the Bomb: a cheeky message that tells the story of transformation from bombs into modern jewellery - dropped + made in Laos.  Each Article 22 piece supports traditional Laotian artisan livelihoods, village development, community endeavors and further de-mining efforts. 

Kester Black Nail Polish, ethical nail polish, christmas gift guide 2017

Kester Black Nail Polish - $20

Kester Black nail polish is water permeable and breathable. It does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, parabens, fragrances, phthalates and animal derived or tested ingredients. Kester Black never uses nasty ingredients such as ethyl tosylamide, triphenyl phosphate or xylene.

Slow Brooke McAlary, slow ling, christmas gift guide 2017

Slow, by Brooke McAlary - $32.99

In Slow author Brooke McAlary - creator and host of the award-winning Slow Home Podcast - gently encourages you to find pleasure and value in a simpler life. She shares her practical tips and methods that have helped her and her family become happier and more fulfilled. 


 The Glamourous

double dash choker, soko jewellery, christmas gift guide 2017

Double Dash Choker - $179

A structured choker can give you the right amount of modern glam for any outfit. The rounded ends on the Double Dash Choker provides a defined finish in the open front, to create an easy slip-on style. This choker is handmade in Kenya using recycled brass.

ceramic french press, yield design co, christmas gift guide 2107

Ceramic French Press - $220

Brew perfect, full-bodied coffee in the traditional french press method using this exquisite minimalist Ceramic French Press by Yield Design Co. The heavy walled matt white ceramic press pot is a functional and beautiful addition to your kitchen table. 

clutch bag, designer clutch bag, christmas gift guide 2017

Paper Clutch - $199

The Paper Clutch is inspired by a paper lunch bag. The super soft leather has a smooth, papery feel and the crimped edging provides a quirky point of difference. The clutch has a zip pocket at the back that fits your keys and wallet, and a small zip pocket inside that snugly holds your phone and other valuables.

geo stands, christmas gift guide 2017

Geo Stands Set - $99

These solid aluminum geometric pieces provide an elegant display for your photographs, postcards and business cards. The 3-piece set of Geo Stands are made from brushed aluminium and come in a gorgeous gift box. 


This is quite an exhaustive list, but we hope you find it helpful! This giving season, buy less but have the best. 

Love Gingerfinch