How to Style Timeless Homewares with Eloise Jenkins

How to Style Timeless Homewares with Eloise Jenkins

If you’ve ever come across Eloise Jenkins on Instagram, you’ll know she has a knack for finding and styling gorgeous homewares - and then sensationally capturing them in her signature photography style. Whether she’s shooting furniture or glassware, stylish accessories or beautiful coffee table decor, we love how Eloise explores form and shadow to make magic happen. 

Black Blaze

We sat down with Eloise to chat all things styling, photography, and how to choose made-to-last pieces for the home. 

Congratulations on buying your house! We’d love to hear what you’re loving in design as you set up the new space. What palette are you going for in your new home? 

Thank you so much! We have moved into a beautiful house with big windows, a sunroom and white arches, so we are keeping the space fairly neutral, focusing on textures: think stone, boucle and textured art by Bonnie Gray & Brittany Ferns. It has a very neutral base with pops of yellow and pink to create a warm vibe, especially in the colder seasons.

Zuza jug Eloise Jenkins
A stunning shot by Eloise, featuring Gingerfinch's Zuza Jug

What is your criteria when picking timeless pieces for your home?

I really have to be 100% obsessed with it straight away, instead of wondering "how can I make this work?". I really want everything I choose for my house to have longevity and work with my current pieces. I also try to shop vintage furniture where possible. 

What is your approach when styling a new photoshoot? 

I always start with a core product I want to hero and then build a scene around it, focusing on complimentary colours. I loved using the Pink Zuza Water Jug paired with a pink rose and contrasting lemons in my recent shoot. I always want the scene to look natural but in a thoughtful way.

Eloise Jenkins  Eloise Jenkins
We love Eloise's signature palette and light usage

 Who / What are you loving in the styling and homewares world right now? 

I absolutely love Black Blaze and the beautiful candles they create. I have them in my home and always get so many compliments on them. I'm also eyeing some tiered pendant lights on finnish design! 

What are your top Gingerfinch picks and why?

Aside from Black Blaze, you absolutely cannot go past the Zuza Jug in Pink or Green. For me it's the perfect 1-2 stem vase which I have been searching for since last October! Splitting flowers into smaller sections to be enjoyed around the house brings me so much joy. I also use my RL Foote Design Cloud Cup almost every day for an afternoon Cacao - they are set in the most beautiful chalk texture which is beautiful to hold. 

Cloud Cup Eloise Jenkins
Gingerfinch Cloud Cups and Black Blaze candles