2020 Design Trends You'll Want to Embrace

2020 Design Trends You'll Want to Embrace

Australians have had a pretty rough start to 2020 and now, more than ever, we are seeking homes and spaces that nourish and heal us. Luckily, there are some emerging interior trends that will do just that. Here are some of our favourites to help put 2020 back on the right track. 

Turn up the Heat on Neutrals

Dulux 2020 colour forecast

2020 will see the end of 'greige' and other grey-toned neutrals and an embrace of warm colours, saturated hues and jewel tones. Think soft colours that feel grounded and earthy - soft peachy corals and terracotta, golden ochre tones in lush fabrics like velvets, and buttery, caramel leathers.

And green is also having a resurgence. Green helps you feel connected to nature and lets you escape office lights and computer screens. From olive to forrest shades, you'll see green in everything from soft furnishings, bedding, wall colour and decor. 

Dulux Colour Forecast 2020

Dulux Colour Forecast 2020 - Grounded & Cultivate

Natural Materials and Handmade Aesthetic

Adding to the warmth of 2020 interiors, we'll see an abundance of beautiful natural materials, textures and fabrics. From wood to rattan, to marble and stone, to linen and wool, natural materials will have a luxurious feel and earthy origins. These materials are more refined and sophisticated that the Boho of a few years ago, with glowing accents of brass and copper. 

2020 design trends

Via Sight Unseen

Likewise, we're seeking the human touch in handmade items and organic shapes. We want spaces that nurture us, comfort us, and make us feel grounded. Having a connection with makers and seeing the handmade quality of our homewares and furniture goes a long way to creating the 'at-home' feel. 

Wattle House in Armadale, Melbourne by GOLDEN  Gingerfinch Studio Herron blanket

Wattle House in Armadale, Melbourne by GOLDEN & Studio Herron throw blanket by Gingerfinch 

Sustainability is Front and Center

The need to feel grounded is reflected in an overall design sensibility that demands sustainability over throw-away pieces. While it's unlikely Ikea will suddenly close its doors, we are slowly gravitating to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, eschewing 'temporary' pieces for items that last. 2020 will see us desiring handcrafted, locally produced high quality furniture and homegoods that can be passed down generations. 

Handcrafted Byron Bay Home

A handcrafted home in Byron Bay - image via The Design Files

Embrace the Eclectic

The constant barrage of immaculate interiors in a perfectly rendered 'Scand', 'contemporary', 'Boho' styles on social media has become so formulaic that we are now craving the 'uber-unique'. 2020 is the time to embrace your personal style, to draw inspiration from across the decades and sensibilities. To mix the designer with Op-shop, to upcycle, restore and reuse. To embrace unusual materials and natural elements.

 Art House  Art House

Celebrating refined quirky, The Art House Woollahra Sydney by Studio CD Design. Via Yellowtrace

Header image: Wattle House in Armadale, Melbourne by GOLDEN